Kule Vinç


Tower Crane

On today’s tower cranes, radio remotes are the primary form of control.

The radio remote control enables precise load positioning. The operator can put the load directly on the hook, move it to the desired location and place the load with the highest accuracy.

Hetronic was one of the first manufacturers to offer standard remotes for tower cranes, and now offers several standard systems for self-erecting tower cranes as well as for top-slewing tower cranes.

Feedback is a very popular option in combination with a graphics display. This option allows the operator to monitor the status of the crane in real time while using the remote.

Tower cranes are typically operated with the following transmitters: GLGL-3GRErgo-MFSHLNova-LNova-XL,Nova-M.

Hydraulic Crane

Hydraulic cranes are increasingly popular for all sorts of applications worldwide. Compact and lightweight, they offer powerful lifting capabilities while remaining extremely user and operator friendly.

Hetronic is proud to be the first company to introduce a fully proportional radio remote control to the hydraulic crane industry over 15 years ago.

Hetronic now offers a wide variety of radio remote controls particularly designed for the hydraulic crane market.

Hydraulic cranes are typically operated with the following transmitters: GLGL-3Hand Held MFSHLNova-L,Nova-XLNova-M.