Explosion Proof

Hetronic Explosion Proof Radio Remote Controls (RRCs) are designed for explosion-endangered areas, and engineered to comply with local regulatory requirements such as ATEX, UL and CSA.

Easy to operate and built to the highest safety standards, these modular systems have proven safe and reliable—year after year—under some of most challenging working conditions in the world.

With Hetronic explosion proof RRCs, operations in explosion-endangered areas become safer and more efficient as the machinery is remotely-controlled and operators are no longer bound to the machine site within certain zones.

Hetronic offers ideal RRC solutions for Category I M2, I 2G and II 3G applications. A wide variety of transmitters and receivers are available to perfectly align with your operation. Built to order, Hetronic explosion proof systems provide unparalleled safety, quality, reliability and value.